The following people or organisations have kindly contributed photos or text for inclusion on this website. The photos may have been used as content on this website or as posts on our FaceBook page and Instagram account.
Copyright over these contributed photographs remain with the original photographer, for any inquiring by a person or persons wishing to use or reproduce these images please, in the first instance, use our Contact page.

Palmerston North City Council

We wish to acknowledge the contribution of the Palmerston North City Council in allowing us to add a number of their artworks to our website and map, the photographs and textual descriptions have all been gratefully received. We do appreciate the amount of effort put in by their dedicated arts and events team who are working to make tangible changes to public spaces in the city.

Mark Kilpatrick

Deon de Clercq

Amy Pratt

Tyrrell Harris

Harriet Taylor

Chou Wen Feng

Waihi Arts Centre and Museum

Where the real gold lies

Waihi Arts Centre and Museum

We wish to thank the volunteer researchers at the Waihi Arts Centre and Museum for their time and effort in tracking down information regarding the Waihi Time Warp mural painted by Johnny Mulvay. Having found articles in the local paper from 2007 they went further and contacted the artist himself on our behalf. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ross Millar

Ross Millar is the author of the blog at :

'Jafa Sculpture'

Ross kindly allowed us access to his essays for the listed sculptures. Due to the length of the essays and space limitations on this site the text of his essays have been abbreviated but we hope that we have retained the essence of his work.

  • Guy Ngan - Millenium Tree
  • Marte Szrimay- Smirnoff Sculpture
  • Mary-Louise Browne - Byword
  • Caroline Robinson - Ropeworks
  • Brett Graham - Whaowhia

Fabrice Coquet

Denise Donovan

Denise is an avid traveller and explorer. A resident of Papakura many of her contributions come from daily walks around the suburb.

Sam and Paul Corliss

These photos may also be a part of the University of Canterbury CEISMIC archive The images are used with permission of the photographers. Some images may have been cropped to a size appropriate for this website.

Calien Edmonds

Karl Cloves

Althea Barker

Monique Endt

Used with kind permission of the artist.

David Lean

Laurie Knight

Mike Crowther

Anne Bawden

Kat Quin Merewether

Whare Thompson

Used with kind permission of the artist.

Richard Harris

Kathryn Streeter

Rebekah Pearson

Used with kind permission of the artist.

Liam Brambley