NZOutdoorArt was developed to showcase the abundance of public art on the streets of New Zealand.

Public art in open spaces creates a sense of well being for residents of a town or city, it fosters the involvement of the community by expressing the values and diversity of our culture. Sculptures enhance the environment and can sometimes transform the landscape from the regular to the extra-ordinary. Murals and Street Art can reflect the opinions of the artist but also uplift the streetscapes often transforming back alleys from dark foreboding places into colourful, vibrant areas to visit. The painting of electrical transforms and other utility boxes can deter anti-social 'tagging' while showcasing art styles and raising awareness of local artists. Often our busy lives see us rushing from place to place, perhaps we walk or drive past a mural everyday and never notice it. You may be surprised at how much art there is on our streets, how much time, effort and expense the artists put into their work. Our hope is that this site will help others to appreciate their local artists a little bit more and grow to see more art in unusual places.

You can also contribute to the site and the map. If you know of a piece of public outdoor art that we do not have on our map please feel free to send us your photos for inclusion on the map. We will need to know its location (and preferrably the GPS co-ordinates) so that we can add the marker in the correct location.
We also recognise that some of the photos we have added to the map may not be the best, we have worked on adding volume rather to make the map useful and as such have not been able to wait for the perfect lighting and weather in some cases. If you think you have a better photo then go ahead and let us know. If we agree, and with your permission, we will happily swap out the current photo for yours and add your name in the photo credits.

We hope you enjoy the site and find some public art on our streets that you may never seen before.