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Phil Price

Phil Price is a New Zealand artist who fuses sculpture with engineering to produce large-scale wind activated kinetic sculptures.

Born in Nelson in 1965 Price was educated in Christchurch graduating a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts.

After leaving university Price worked in a several positions both in the art world and in composite engineering where he built up the skills that would see him become one of the foremost artists creating kinetic sculptures inspired by nature.

Since 2000 Price has produced a large body of works that have gained international recognition. His works are held in both private and public collections around the world including Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

His outdoor artworks have been proven to withstand the extremes of weather and environment having been installed in both urban centres and coastal situations. Every piece of his kinetic sculptures are precision made and finely balanced so that they accuate in the gentlest breeze and the strongest of storms.

In New Zealand his sculptures can be found in places such as the Wellington waterfront, the Christchurch CBD and the Auckland Viaduct Harbour.

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