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Peter Lange

Peter Lange is a New Zealand ceramicist and sculptor who has worked in the ceramic arts world as both an artist and a teacher for over 40 years. The Auckland Studio Potters began operations in 1961 with Peter joining the group in 1975, he has been involved with the society ever since, teaching and mentoring students from the community, anyone with an interest in pottery. It is for his work with the Auckland Studio Potters that Lange was named a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to ceramic arts in 2016. Outside of the studio Peter is most commonly known for his work with brick sculpture a tough medium to work with, though most of these sculptures are not overly large in size they make up for it in weight. Working from a studio at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Auckland Lange has produced a number of outdoor sculptures that can be viewed around the wider Auckland area. His 'Tokens from the Game' is made up of three oversized board game pieces that encourage people to interact with, to clamber over and to sit upon. This theme is evident in other works, 'Brick Wave', 'Comfort Stops' and 'Chaise Lange' are all functional artworks designed as thought provoking public seating while others such as 'Camp Site' at the Auckland Botanic Gardens often attract children to play on the sculpture. Brick had become Lange's medium of choice since, in 2002, Peter launched 'Brick Boat' an 18-foot collaboration with fellow sculptor Jeff Thomson. Determined to create a floating brick sculpture Lange set about building a brick hull and was joined in the task by Thomson who provided the rigging from old pipes and corrugated iron, the boat was 'launched' with much fanfare at Auckland’s Viaduct Basin and 'sailed' for 30 minutes before taking on water, seeping through the bricks. Using brick Lange has turned many icons of kiwi life into sculptural form including a lilo, kete and deckchairs with a number of these pieces included in private collections or available to view in sculptural gardens.