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Charles and Janine Williams

Having met on the city streets as youths with a 'behind the scenes' interest in spray painting Charles and Janine Williams, now married with four children, have established themselves as celebrities in New Zealand street art circles and become world renowned for their incorporation of Maori design and endemic birds into the colourful murals they create. Charles as a founding member of TMD (The Most Dedicated) led the crew to international success winning the 2006 and 2008 Write4Gold International Graffiti Art competition in Germany and together the couple have turned a passion for their art into a successful professional career with a large client list that includes several government departments and institutions. Charles and Janine's dedication to urban Maori heritage and a connection to the environment is evident in their art style, a combined effort to present to the viewer stories of the land with the beauty of our endemic birds and native flowers. While the walls tell a visual tale there is always an underlying story to be heard, a respect for the people and for the history of the land.

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