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Brigita Botma

Brigita (Manabell) was raised in a home-schooled family throughout her childhood. She is the eldest female of ten children. She spent most of her childhood reading and drawing. Although she grew up in the smartphone era, living in remote Northland meant that she was without TV or internet through most of her younger years. Originally, Manabell was nothing more then a creative outlet for the then 13 year-old artist. It started as an idea in her head. But, has now developed into something much bigger. Thus, Manabell grew from a small girl’s dream, to the design and creation business it is now. Brigita started in Dargaville and is now residing in Auckland/Waikato NZ following 2014. She has painted more than 60 murals and works with all kinds of different creative commissions. She is best known for winning Resene Best Mural of the Year 2020 for the Pukeoware Hall mural.

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